Chronicles Everything

Feel it in your phalanges

In the massive landscape of the digital realm lies an island. This island, a mere speck in a universe of minimal boundaries is unique, easy to find and hard to forget. A place to inspire and be inspired. On this island, an island of the mind, heart, soul and body nothing exists but your truest, deepest feelings, inspiration and drive.

We’re all here together. There is no manual for this life; no guidebook, no checklist, no fountain of wisdom. We have ourselves, our feelings, our contributions to existence, the world and the people that surround us. What we do to each other effects everyone just like what we do to the world effects everyone. Those that existed long before us set a framework of this world we live in and enjoy everyday. What are we doing with it? What are we doing with our nature, our water, our people, our lives, our friends, our days, our hearts, our bodies, our time, our world?

What are we here for if not to share, experience, help and grow with each other?

Sometimes its tough to understand why certain things happen, however we only have control of ourselves and how we live our lives. We only live once. In this place, this beautiful land of animals and vegetation and humans and inventions, we exist as a piece of the puzzle. How we feel and how we live as a planet and a human race effects everything that is.. being alive. Don’t we want those who come after us to enjoy this as we have? Shouldn’t we share it with them as its been shared with us?

On this island, we relax and lay under the palm trees by the water. We scope the spectrum of blues on the mountains in the distance. We think and we share; our photos, videos, stories, thoughts, life, inspiration, style, feelings and dreams. We learn about ourselves and each other. We share our ambition.

This is our island. Filled with sights, sounds, adventures, stories and passion. Pluck some fruit from a tree, lay down in the grass and listen to the tunes.