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Brett at Masquerade Motel, South Beach Miami
Masquerade Motel, South Beach Miami – March 2011

I’m a web developer, graphic designer and entrepreneurial developer residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Born and raised in Connecticut, the vivid scenery and abundant nature naturally lead me to take a great interest in photography, writing, lyrics, film directing, poetry, adventures, kayaking, biking, running, hiking/wandering and art.   I’m an outdoor enthusiast who can usually be found actively involved in developing and marketing properties on the internet.  I’m most notably Founder, President and CEO at Ambition InsightCollegeCures.com and bnapoli.com.

WordPress is my weapon of choice when it comes to web development and has proved itself to be one of my greatest assets.

As I work to grow my reach on the web, I seek to utilize the very same tool that began it all: bnapoli.com

Brett Napoli at Alexan Solmar
Tim Detert Photo

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