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My Perspective on Life: You’re Already Rich

The most interesting aspect of aging is the acquisition of wisdom. Heightened awareness. A more thorough understand of what’s really happening right now. We spend so much time planning for the next move that often we neglect what’s right in front of us.  We’re hindered by ourselves. Nothing really stops us, but we hold back. Why? What are we so afraid of?

While traveling through whatever this is (life/computer simulation/who really even knows) I can’t help but wonder what the essence of life actually is. When you pull back the “veil of ignorance” as my brother put it, what’s left? I’ve come to grips that I’ll never figure it out completely. I’ll never really know the purpose, maybe there isn’t one. Maybe there is? Maybe there’s aliens out there, maybe not. These types of thought processes have helped me realize… what’s the difference?

Looking back on your life, will you ponder the existence of extraterrestrials or will you fondly recall your happiest moments? Those you’ve loved and lost? The moments you were brought to tears with joy, held in an embrace that actually mattered, or realized you were smiling simply because you were exactly where you wanted/needed to be at exactly the right time. Really, it’s up to you. Everything is.

Life is a series of events and the subsequent reactions that surround them.  It isn’t the event that matters, but your perspective as the result.  Happiness is the wealth of life, Love is the universal truth and Information is the currency of the universe.

“The body’s just a vehicle, transporting the soul; it’s whats inside the people, is beauty to behold.”
— Damian Marley – ‘It Was Written’

So where do we go from here? Live, man. Live.

It’s simple: do the best you can. Just do the best you can.

Do the best you can to not get wrapped up in what doesn’t really matter. Do the best you can to love unconditionally. Do the best you can to teach and share, give and be kind. Do the best you can to be a good son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister, cousin or friend or aunt or businessperson or mentor or whatever it is that you do, just give it your best effort. What else is there?

In my element, when I realized I had nothing and everything at the same time.
In my element, when I realized I had nothing and everything at the same time. (2011)

Life is a game. You could get mad at it if you want. You could end it if you want. You could refuse to play it if you want. Or you could put it all out there, imagine and prosper; if you want.  You’re driving the bus.

“All of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon – instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”
— Dale Carnegie

I’ll leave you with a few words from my brother Tim, a beacon of light that never fades.

The one certain diamond of truth, is that every living organism will die.  Your “essence” will either transcend time or be purged much like your non-pertinent memories were.  Understand that the final choice is now yours and yours alone.  Your destination or “finite reality” depends solely on the countless choices and decisions you make from task to task, day-to-day and the culmination of these tasks.  Each will either digress or move you ahead in your mental and spiritual development.  Creating any medium for a transfer to occur is beneficial and progress, whether personal or societal, is positive no matter what. Regardless of the inherent outcome of any transaction, an outcome naturally must exist.  Finding the medium which captures this begins the battle, utilizing it to its full potential completes it.  Absolute Zero. A new tape begins…..

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Goal Setting is a Way of Life

The most important business decision I made before the start of 2012 was to set goals for the year. Yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Revenue goals, personal goals, accomplishment goals; always plotting and positioning for the next step.

Setting goals helped myself and my business stay on track because I felt accountable to the business and accountable to the goals I set. Each week that passed under the bar made me work harder the next week to make up the difference.

I’d like to encourage everyone out there to set goals for the year, as 2013 is now rapidly approaching.

The older we get, the faster time moves. The faster time moves, the quicker we need to adapt. The quicker we can adapt, the easier it will be for us to transverse the upward climb of life. But remember this very important fact; as you climb the mountain of life, you spend lots of your time facing the mountain and drudging upward. But at any time, you can slow down, take a breath, turn around and look at the incredible landscape behind you. The higher you climb, the more impressive the view.

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Following Your Dreams: Recognizing the Defining Moment

I don’t post here every day because I don’t always feel I have something worth saying. I’d much rather gain your trust over time, so you realize once I do post something on this website it will be worth your time to read.

I constantly take mental notes of what I’ve come to understand since my last entry, where I’ve improved and where I’ve declined. Yesterday I lived a life completely different from the life I lead today. The difference is, I’m learning faster.

The natural progression of life consists of a series of thoughts and dreams, accumulated over time and actualized by the self. Once you can envision your aspirations becoming reality, the only thing stopping you is you.

Your mind is your greatest asset. If you don’t truly believe in yourself and your convictions, the universe will wait for you to believe before actuating them. Life is a game of challenges that never ends. When you die, you’ll have 50 things you still needed to do, should have done, or wanted to do. You simply can’t do everything. Your decisions are yours alone and life won’t wait for you to weigh all the options.

I’ve began to realize many things about success and business, I had no choice but to share them with you.

The key to success is to be happy. The key to life is to Love.

If you love who you are, it shows. When you love what you do, you’ll work tirelessly to perfect your craft. When your work is a labor of love, you’ll feel as if you never worked a day in your life.

The greatest way to experience Love is to share it.

I am fulfilled by helping somebody follow their dreams. Helping them succeed. To do for them what others have done for me.  To reach out at every opportunity to leave the world a better place than it was when I got here.

When our final day in this flesh vehicle comes to be, the universe will open our minds to all its secrets.

“Don’t waste your time living somebody else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

When you follow your dreams, there will be a defining moment you’ll never forget.

You may not have experienced it yet, but if you have you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from.

There will be a moment you look back on everything you have ever done. You’ll remember every time you worked late, every success and every failure, every second you poured into building your dream as you had always envisioned it. You’ll look around you and you’ll look at yourself. You’ll look at what your life has become and what path you willingly decided to take.

And then, you’ll cry.

In these tears of doubt lie the true seeds of success. Because at that moment you’ll be faced with a make or break decision that will alter the trajectory of your life and lay the foundation for your true existence.

It was somewhere around 5am in 2010. I had been up all night working on a website, trying desperately as I have for as long as I could remember, to build my business into what I had always dreamed of.

All of the sudden, I stopped. I looked around. I looked in the mirror. I looked at my unorganized desk and my messy bedroom. I looked at the deflated air mattress I’d been sleeping on for 4 months. I thought of my nearly empty bank account. I looked out the window at the beautiful palm trees swaying in the wind and back at myself in my tiny, dusty bedroom.

I said out loud, “what the f__ are you doing?”. You’ve wasted the last 10 years of your life working for something you’ll never achieve. You’ve wasted your time, your body, your talent, your potential, your mind, your money, for this. And what do you have to show for it?

Then I cried.

I pounded my fists on my desk, put my head in my hands and cried. I thought about my brother, how much I missed the time we spent together and how I wished I could ask him what to do. I felt alone. I thought about giving up.

I won’t tell you that I heard him, I won’t tell you that I spoke to him, I won’t tell you that I know exactly what happened, but after all of my self-doubt boiled over into a self-loathing soup I had never before tasted, my mind went blank and I could only hear one thing.

“Do it.”

It wasn’t until many moons later that I realized this may have been the most important moment of my career. For at that moment, I had reached the bottom.

I awoke later that day with the saltiness of tears still on my face but an entirely new vision of what needed to be done. I wasn’t going to give up this easily. I wasn’t going to give up if it was the last thing I do. I’d come too far, for too long, I’d put in every ounce of my heart into this and I wasn’t going to just give up without dying for it.

For it is at your weakest moment, your greatest moment of self-doubt, when you feel you have completely failed and there is no hope left; at that very moment the decision you make will be the most important. The decision to pursue your personal legend no matter time nor money nor effort required will be the defining moment of who you really are. And it is then and only then will you realize if you can wipe away the tears, get back up and work harder.

Only you can make yourself, and this is when you’ll realize if you have what it takes.

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New Year, New Everything: You are the Renewable Energy

At the beginning of each new year I’ve always held the belief the coming year would be the best yet. Fortunately this mindset has come true time and time again. It’s inspiring to feel whats next will be your greatest work.

As I revel in the beauty of the moment, I remember the words of my good man Dan “Weekday Berg” Steinfeld on experiencing life. Remember not to always anticipate and plot what comes next, but enjoy and embrace each moment as you go through it. Sounds very familiar to concepts my brother had touched on numerous times over the years.

Even some time ago when I first heard Dan mention this approach to living, I can remember the subject of washing dishes. If you rush through it thinking about what you need to do next, you really aren’t doing what you’re doing very well. Your mind is constantly considering whats next and ignores the present.

Taking a step back to ponder where I am in the present led me back to my old pal  This website has always helped me understand where my head is at. Later I can come back and read how I was feeling, understand where I was and make note of my progress (or lack thereof) since.

Though its intimidating that people I know and some I’ve never even met will read my innermost thoughts and ideas, it’s also an inspirational artistic release that brings me freedom.

Seems you’ll never completely know everything there is to know about many people in your life. With certain people you might never get into a conversation about existence and what goes on when you question elements of your reality.  There isn’t always a favorable environment to share these things, so your thoughts are left inside your mind to kick around.  In this case I do my best to document them for anyone to see, which ultimately leads me into those conversations down the line.

I write to learn, and sometimes when you discover something new you just want to yell it from the rooftops. This is my rooftop and it broadcasts on all vibrations, I can yell much louder from here.

2012: Embrace the present, progress every day, prepare for what’s next but enjoy the now.

The cumulative effect of moving an inch a day for 30 years is far greater than moving several feet at a time once in a while. – Dad


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The Breeze Carries Him

In this life I’ve been rewarded with the greatest of gifts and the lowest of disappointments. In life, relationships, business, finances and education. I’ve ridden the rollercoaster of existence from wavelength to wavelength.

There have been times I’ve been so high on life I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear as I coasted alone through winding Connecticut roads or along the crystal clear ocean of Fort Lauderdale beach. I’ve screamed in excitement to myself alone in my car after some great business deals and also cried alone in that same car while gazing at the clouds asking the universe why this had to happen.

I’ve been up and down, but overall I’ve lived a very rewarding, gifted and amazing life. I feel blessed every day for my loving family, my closest friends, the outrageously sticky situations I’ve escaped and the beautiful ones I’ve found myself in. As time progresses I find myself learning faster than ever, understanding this world with greater clarity with each passing day. Time moves slower but life moves quicker as the evolution of my mind seems to even surpass my capabilities at times. As I ran down the beach barefooted just moments ago I couldn’t help but to remind myself how lucky I’ve been. How much gift and opportunity the world has presented me.

And even in the darkest hours I’ve found peace and understanding through my greatest challenges and disappointments. Each and every day I think about my brother; what he would say, how he would approach a situation and how he could explain me into happiness by simply pointing out how over-complicated my thinking was. He was a genius, and to him I feel forever indebted. At times when we were young he seemed to be my greatest enemy, but as soon as something jeopardized my safety or happiness he would swoop in and save the day.

His mind ran wild and free and his viewpoints on existence will stick to my soul for eternity. I refuse to believe he is gone but instead he has occupied my mind and guided me through the past few years with smooth and unnoticed valor.

As my eyes become clouded with tears its harder and harder to see the screen. I wish I could tell him how much he means to me but somehow I know he’s reading this as I write it. He’s guiding the quiet taps of my fingertips as the cool ocean breeze sends freshness through my veins.

This is a complex life but simple indeed. We complicate things on our own, he was always there to show me how basic things were. “Look around” he would say, “don’t listen to what everyone tells you. If it were that easy to see then everyone would get it.”

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I Can’t Hide From This One

Miami, Florida

Throughout my life and in all the blog posts I’ve ever written I’ve always been very heavy on the importance of introspective thought, analyzing myself and learning lessons from the knowledge I have within. I’ve found comfort in solidarity with my thoughts because I figured at the end of the day the only one who had to deal with my decisions was me.

Unfortunately, throughout this journey I feel I’ve slightly neglected the importance of peer review and the honest opinions of those that I love.  Criticism is tough to hear, but totally necessary to personal growth and self-improvement.  I’ve always been defensive about what people say to me, which I’m sure is no shock to anybody who really knows who I am. I constantly take a position of defense under the notion that I’m being attacked.  I’ve dismissed the opinions of others in certain situations by convincing myself it didn’t matter what somebody had to say about me so long as I was happy with my own decisions.

Though I agree that living your life to please others is severely wrong, I’ve failed to properly acknowledge the undeniable importance of criticism, peer analysis and honesty.  I’ve failed to realize that it wasn’t easy for my friends and family to tell me the honest truth, knowing I would react this way.  I feel that in certain situations I’ve made others less likely to tell me what they really think because they fear I’ll immediately take on the defensive.

It’s tough for me to write about this, especially since I’m basically proclaiming my own miscalculation and error in judgment. However, this is a liberating process. It would be one thing if I realized this but did nothing about it. It’s a whole other experience to broadcast my imperfections to anybody that can spell my name and has heard of Google. (This website has been the #1 result for a “Brett Napoli” Google Search for the past 8 years)

I’ve always been very open with my thoughts and feelings and felt that I’ve never had anything to hide. I’ve known there will always be haters, there will always be people talking shit and there will always be people making fun of one another.  For this reason, I put myself out there and expect to be ridiculed.  I understand that its much easier to insult somebody that opens up and presents the opportunity to be analyzed in a public forum.  Yet, I would rather be open, free and happy than try to hide from every insult.  I would rather plaster my true opinions up for the world to see so I can convince myself this is something I can not hide from.

Just like you, I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be.  When people read this, they could believe that I had this motive or that. They could laugh at how foolish I am to write about my faults. Others will quietly acknowledge my honesty and realize how difficult it is for somebody to be so open with their own shortcomings.

For this reason, I make this 3am post not out of haste, but as a recognition that what I truly feel needs to be documented. When I wake up tomorrow, I won’t read this and wish I never wrote it. I won’t quietly delete it from my website and hope nobody had a chance to see it. I will be honest with myself, acknowledge where I’ve been wrong and use this moment of clarity as an indication of growth. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life and I encourage all of you to feel the same way.

To those that have been honest with me, shared their love and experiences with me I am forever indebted. Love is omnipotent. Friendship lasts a lifetime. Family is forever. To those I’ve shared the journey with, I love you. To those I’m yet to find, I’m excited to meet you. I’m not too sure what is next, all I really know is it will work out for the best.

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Connecting the Dots


I’m completely invigorated by life and its constant ability to change and grow.  Yesterday was the past and today is a vast new opportunity.  Appreciation for every situation, positive or not, is essential to navigating life with greater ease and purpose.  Each lesson, albeit very difficult on occasion, is always a new opportunity to learn.

One thing is for sure, positive energy has a tremendous effect on the psyche.  Love is the truth, passion is enlightening and the thirst for knowledge is never quenched.  Support and spread your influence about what you believe in, passive support isn’t much support at all. When love drives what we do, the real payoff comes from the act itself and not specifically from the reward.

Come alive

Plentiful opportunity knocks at every door.  Moments of great clarity come when I realize I’m free to go a different direction at any time. We can be persuaded and influenced, but our decisions are our own.

Out of nowhere

Business was sluggish one day and a minor panic attack led me on a frantic web search to figure out why my business wasn’t making any money.   Turns out I’d been doing the same old thing and expecting a different result.  The industry had evolved past me.

I looked back at my progress and found myself overwhelmed with immense frustration.  For years I’d followed what I loved and stuck with the “slowly but surely” method, always believing what I’d read from Bob Parsons back when I first got started; “When you’re doing something you love, it tells you all its secrets.”

Just as soon as I came close to losing faith, something reignited the spark in me as I sat wide-eyed and jaw dropped with opportunity.  Something I’d overlooked for years was about to transform my life, my business and connect all the dots.  Just like that, I could build better websites, more efficiently, cheaper and in half the time. That day WordPress found me.

Over the course of the next 18 months WordPress became the most essential tool in my online workshop, became the foundation of my business, took my services to a different level and created a wealth of new opportunities I hadn’t anticipated.

Everything changes at a moments notice and without end.  We can change the world by changing ourselves. Invigorated to grow, inspired to teach, empowered by technology, overwhelmed by passion, hungry for more, ambitious to thrive.

Truth is within, better self = better World. Experience nirvana.

“Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure.”
William Saroyan

Happy Birthday Tnapz — 9/16/85

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Learning Through Change

Fort Myers, Florida - August 2011

Knowledge is everywhere.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin

Every experience is a new opportunity to learn.  Everything moves rapidly and constantly, evolving faster now than ever before.

I once believed learning had an endpoint.  Once you’d reached your greatest achievement there was nothing left to learn. Now I see learning is endless for any and all subjects.  We can’t be too educated, aware or conscious.  Expanding the mind and depth of experience prepares us for our toughest decisions.

The questions that arise in our immediate future will be dire and of the greatest importance. How we react as individuals, communities, societies and organisms will be crucial to the direction of our existence.

Faith in ourselves and each other is our salvation.  Seek and broadcast truth, maintain a strong desire to grow and expect strong opposition.  Say what you believe and believe what you say.  Appreciate being wrong and value all opinions.

Watch this TED Talk video

Kathryn Shulz, “On being wrong”

The more and more I uncover new truths about life, the more I see the parallels in business, learning, progress and the sport of existence. New understanding in any area pays interest on all accounts.

Knowledge is the sum of information acquired through experience.  Wisdom is applying the quality of that knowledge to decisions in the present. Knowledge we seek is of equal importance to comprehension of whats presented to us.

For me, the key to enlightenment is to stop thinking I know everything and listen to the guidance of others who’s lives and accomplishments embody things I revere.

Things to ask yourself

What is your purpose? Given your present library of knowledge and wisdom, what is the greatest aspiration you could ever seek?

If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.
Margaret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

If one truly believes we can do anything we put our mind to, why aren’t we setting seemingly impossible goals for ourselves? Especially if we’ve been so efficient at reaching them in the past.

They can do all because they think they can.

Take a look at the sum of your life. Not rewards or traditional achievements, but how you’ve positively affected the lives of others. What is your impact? What could it be? What are you/we capable of? What we do next is the answer.

I was going to change my shirt, but I changed my mind instead.
Winnie the Pooh

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