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My Discontent with Black Hat SEO and Why I Refuse to Take the Easy Way Out

Black hat SEO, black hat marketing or shady business dealings aiming to abuse or game the system for short-term gain will end up hurting your cause far more than the temporary progress initially presented.

Lately, I’ve seen a notable increase in advertising inquiries for several of my online properties.  Some are from respectable businesses and amazing people who seek the grow their enterprise in a legitimate (though difficult) way. The others are from shady people seeking to scheme the system for temporary personal gain. These same individuals are adversely affecting not only the internet but humankind in general; their efforts consistently cloud the cipher and force those who play by the rules to jump through hoops in order to make real progress.

These people have no foresight and for some reason feel if they can get away with something, who’s to care how it adversely affects everyone else.

Earlier this evening I received an email with a truly authentic feel but undeniably shady undertones. It used all the familiar techniques of a legitimate email to gain my trust, then casually slipped in an exceptionally sketchy proposal with hopes I wouldn’t pick up on it. Hopes that maybe I’d follow through with their “opportunity,” take the money and run.

In life and in business I feel the only way to make progress is to be real. To not focus on the now but instead focus on the whole picture. Realize the relationships you make today and the bridges you burn today will follow you around.  Every decision is crucial.

In this isolated incident I refer specifically to a person trying to buy links in a shady manner.  Had I not truly cared about the internet like I do, or had I believed it’s fine for me to take some quick money and look the other way, I would surely have felt the effects somewhere down the line.

I never want to be left holding the bag. To me it seems the only method is to never fall victim to the easy way out and instead focus on integrity, trust and broadcasting all that I truly believe in, not just what I think will benefit me right now.