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Goal Setting is a Way of Life

The most important business decision I made before the start of 2012 was to set goals for the year. Yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Revenue goals, personal goals, accomplishment goals; always plotting and positioning for the next step.

Setting goals helped myself and my business stay on track because I felt accountable to the business and accountable to the goals I set. Each week that passed under the bar made me work harder the next week to make up the difference.

I’d like to encourage everyone out there to set goals for the year, as 2013 is now rapidly approaching.

The older we get, the faster time moves. The faster time moves, the quicker we need to adapt. The quicker we can adapt, the easier it will be for us to transverse the upward climb of life. But remember this very important fact; as you climb the mountain of life, you spend lots of your time facing the mountain and drudging upward. But at any time, you can slow down, take a breath, turn around and look at the incredible landscape behind you. The higher you climb, the more impressive the view.