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New Year, New Everything: You are the Renewable Energy

At the beginning of each new year I’ve always held the belief the coming year would be the best yet. Fortunately this mindset has come true time and time again. It’s inspiring to feel whats next will be your greatest work.

As I revel in the beauty of the moment, I remember the words of my good man Dan “Weekday Berg” Steinfeld on experiencing life. Remember not to always anticipate and plot what comes next, but enjoy and embrace each moment as you go through it. Sounds very familiar to concepts my brother had touched on numerous times over the years.

Even some time ago when I first heard Dan mention this approach to living, I can remember the subject of washing dishes. If you rush through it thinking about what you need to do next, you really aren’t doing what you’re doing very well. Your mind is constantly considering whats next and ignores the present.

Taking a step back to ponder where I am in the present led me back to my old pal  This website has always helped me understand where my head is at. Later I can come back and read how I was feeling, understand where I was and make note of my progress (or lack thereof) since.

Though its intimidating that people I know and some I’ve never even met will read my innermost thoughts and ideas, it’s also an inspirational artistic release that brings me freedom.

Seems you’ll never completely know everything there is to know about many people in your life. With certain people you might never get into a conversation about existence and what goes on when you question elements of your reality.  There isn’t always a favorable environment to share these things, so your thoughts are left inside your mind to kick around.  In this case I do my best to document them for anyone to see, which ultimately leads me into those conversations down the line.

I write to learn, and sometimes when you discover something new you just want to yell it from the rooftops. This is my rooftop and it broadcasts on all vibrations, I can yell much louder from here.

2012: Embrace the present, progress every day, prepare for what’s next but enjoy the now.

The cumulative effect of moving an inch a day for 30 years is far greater than moving several feet at a time once in a while. – Dad


Chronicles Everything

My 820 Ambitions

I can hear the earth breathing all around me. A gentle breeze passes overhead as the trees that surround me sway ever so gently. The sky, a pale blue with smears of white and gray. I hear children in the distance, cars and trucks, people working. It seems no matter where you are there is no escaping these sounds. Not if we want to keep living the way we live.

In time, this twentieth day of August is slightly more than halfway over; but mentally it has only just begun. What is this day, this time, this number… 820. What is it, which is it and why is it today?

I can’t tell you that I know enough about this life to where I’m at the point that there’s a list of things I’m completely sure of. Now, after twenty years roaming this Earth sometimes it feels the only thing I can be sure of is myself. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Not all those who wander are lost.” Well I’m wandering and I don’t really care if I’m lost.

As I wander, I write, I think, I feel, I experience, I remember and I forget. I capture, I record, I learn, I try to understand and help understand. Obstacles surround me just as they surround all of us. Holding us back, pushing us down and separating us to all different sides. But there is no sense in over-complicating this situation; over-analyzing it until the mere thought of its existence causes one to do nothing at all to avoid confronting these obstacles head on. Its kind of like stressing over the amount of time it will take to fold your laundry. It would be over much quicker if you just grab that ball of clothes, lay them out and start folding.

Life can be approached in a similar manner.

I might not know where I’m going, what I’m doing or how I’ll get there, all I know is that I’m going. I might not follow the same path as others or travel a familiar course, but I know that the journey is just as important as the destination.

This is what 820 is about.

As a slightly younger buck, the house in which I currently reside was my vacation spot. Not a vacation in the sense that I was escaping a place, but that I was going somewhere new and different in my mind. Though young and somewhat innocent at the time, I was still subjected to the toils of “daily life.” Getting up early, work, school, physical activity and so forth. So it wasn’t until later in the day that I would have a chance to relax, to think and to wander.

That time of day when afternoon meets evening, when day meets night. Light and dark slowly begin fading into one another, calmness sets in across the landscape. Your mind slows down to the beat of your heart and your heart speeds up the the beat of your mind. Warm meets cold, the sun meets the horizon and the colors of the sky meet the back of your eyes. It was at this time, it is at this time: 820, that things begin to change.

Thoughts of the world, life, people, business and future filled the room when the sound of our voices didn’t. The words that were spoken were merely acknowledgments of a similar mental plane of thought. A plane where ideas blossomed at such a rate it became difficult to choose where to focus. Dreams and visions become one at this time; a time for converting dreams to reality and thoughts into progress.

The time, the number and the idea can’t be contained in sixty seconds, twenty-four hours or any other duration. They are all simply means of recognition. Recognition of the concept that your body is your temple. Your mind, life, soul and heart represent your contribution to this world. Your legacy, your feelings and your being can be as important or unimportant as you choose for them to be. Who you are is who you are. There is no escaping you so you might as well enjoy your stay.

This time, this place, this idea, this is who I am.

At 8:20pm, at 8:20am, on August 20th, when my lunch costs $8.20, when a song lasts eight minutes and twenty seconds, when I see 820 on a license plate: I remember this number and this idea that I’ve had as long as I can remember.

We’re all here for a reason just as everything happens for a reason. This is auditory, visual and mental stimulation. Advancement of ideas and thoughts. Dedication to creating quality product. Staying true to oneself. Never giving up, never surrendering. The virtue of patience. Following one’s dreams while living them.

This network, these phrases, this website, these thoughts, these photos, these videos, these words, this journal, these memories and these dreams I share with you because this is what I’m about, this is who I am and this is where I’m at. You are reading this for a reason, you came here for a reason.

I dream, I jam, I write, I think, I share. These are my 820 ambitions. Live the dream.

Chronicles Everything

Feel it in your phalanges

In the massive landscape of the digital realm lies an island. This island, a mere speck in a universe of minimal boundaries is unique, easy to find and hard to forget. A place to inspire and be inspired. On this island, an island of the mind, heart, soul and body nothing exists but your truest, deepest feelings, inspiration and drive.

We’re all here together. There is no manual for this life; no guidebook, no checklist, no fountain of wisdom. We have ourselves, our feelings, our contributions to existence, the world and the people that surround us. What we do to each other effects everyone just like what we do to the world effects everyone. Those that existed long before us set a framework of this world we live in and enjoy everyday. What are we doing with it? What are we doing with our nature, our water, our people, our lives, our friends, our days, our hearts, our bodies, our time, our world?

What are we here for if not to share, experience, help and grow with each other?

Sometimes its tough to understand why certain things happen, however we only have control of ourselves and how we live our lives. We only live once. In this place, this beautiful land of animals and vegetation and humans and inventions, we exist as a piece of the puzzle. How we feel and how we live as a planet and a human race effects everything that is.. being alive. Don’t we want those who come after us to enjoy this as we have? Shouldn’t we share it with them as its been shared with us?

On this island, we relax and lay under the palm trees by the water. We scope the spectrum of blues on the mountains in the distance. We think and we share; our photos, videos, stories, thoughts, life, inspiration, style, feelings and dreams. We learn about ourselves and each other. We share our ambition.

This is our island. Filled with sights, sounds, adventures, stories and passion. Pluck some fruit from a tree, lay down in the grass and listen to the tunes.