Chronicles Everything


Ambitious mind, thoughts spill fluent in the darkness
Overlook the world through the windows of my fortress.

Spending mental dollars trying to calculate this life
Keeping track of change with each green leaf to the knife.

Mind remains stainless even through times of anguish
Until unexpected words cause personal issue to vanquish.

Find a job, go to school, get to the library
Then to witness grueling examples of how life is temporary.

Heat rushes from the furnace, the pilot light is on
Yet things never remain the same with each recurring dawn.

A week ago there was a friend, a brother and a son
A captain and a colleague, a defender on the run.

A voice behind the stretches, some comfort in the trenches
One who’s main concern lie between those metal benches.

It’s so hard to see life end so shortly after it’s begun
Though he would want us to remember having so much fun.

Who knew how far one could touch with the mere wingspan of a man
If you couldn’t realize before perhaps now you can.

Funny thing about words which makes writing so easy and so tough
When you want them there’s too many,
When you need them there’s never enough.

There’s a million words to say but not enough to say it right
Though nothing can change the fact we’re playing one short tonight.

Though we can’t all be together to raise up our brew
There are still a few things that can bring him to you.

Look to the sky, to the sun or the moon
Picture a cool winter day or a sunny afternoon.

Just like the weather he will always be there
From the warm sun on your face to the wind in your hair.

Remember the laughs, the jokes and the tears
Remember the triumphs, the victories and the cheers.

His soul remains in our hearts and in every bit of Pomperaug High
In every blade of grass, in every star in the sky.

From when he walked this Earth to when he entered Heaven’s door
There was nobody like our friend Will Rickert, number 54. 

Rest In Peace Will Rickert

LLFIST forever.